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This Speedwear Concept cycling suit has been developed for high speed cycling on flat roads. For the upper part they used the Airstripe inserts on the sleeves of Bioracer Speedmaster time trial suit and for the torso the Lycra fabric with Speedsilk aero treatment. On the back we have added 2 pockets for extra storage space. The rear pockets are positioned precisely to have minimal impact on aerodynamics. 


The shorts are made of a light, stretchy and supportive fabric in combination with an aerodynamic back panel with Speedsilk. For extra wearing comfort and a good fit around the legs without irritation, they have used grip material with a Powerband. 


The Vapor men's chamois belongs to Bioracer's latest generation chamois and represents a major step forward in terms of breathability and cushioning. During development, the main research question was: how can we improve the damping needed to absorb the stiffness of carbon bicycles without adding material to the chamois? The result: The Vapor technology.


The materials in the chamois contain a breathable top layer that reduces friction. 2 intermediate layers provide breathability and moisture transport. The main layer is where it all happens. They use Evapore, a 3D webbing with greater damping power. Under pressure, Evapore turns into a kind of rubber, so that it still provides damping even in maximum compressed state. In addition, this material is water-repellent, so that it dissipates perspiration. This way the chamois always stays dry.


The benefits speak for themselves.

The chamois remains compact.

The lower center of gravity on the saddle gives you more control over your bike.

The stability on the saddle increases.

Better power transfer, less mass.

More support with only 30% of the material. 

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