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18 World Championships in 22 years. From Paul Herygers to Wout Van Aert, all those champions have won the rainbow jersey wearing cyclocross specific speedsuits from Bioracer.  So when it comes to developing cross suits, it’s fair to say we know our stuff.


Cyclocross is all about high intensity. This all new Speedwear Concept CX Suit is the right tool for the job, for 3 reasons.


First of all, it’s aerodynamic. The suit shares patterns with our latest World Championship winning kit. This means it’s aerodynamically tuned to be lightning fast in the fast parts of the track.


Next to that, it’s entirely made of Aquaracer fabric. This multidimensionally elastic fabric is naturally stretched in every direction. This ensures a maximum freedom of movement. Aquaracer offers maximum breathability, yet allows water and air to slide off without penetrating the fibers, thanks to a hydrophylic treatment on the inside and a water repellent treatment on the outside. This means you stay dry even in the rainiest days. It also reduces chances of hypothermia by reducing the wind chill factor.


Third reason: the pad.

The Vapor Men pad is part of our newest generation of pads, and it’s a big step forward in terms of breathability and damping. Main research question during development was: how can we improve the damping needed to cope with the stiffness of carbon bikes without adding more material to the pad? The result: Vapor Technology.


The pad materials consist of a friction reducing, breathable top layer. 2 middle layers provide breathability and moisture transport. The main layer is where the magic happens.  We use Evapore, which is a 3D webbing with better damping qualities. When put under stress, Evapore changes into a rubberized state, so even when it’s compressed to the maximum, it still provides damping. Moreover, this material is hydrophobic, meaning it transports perspiration. The pad remains dry at all times.


The benefits are obvious.

The pad remains compact.

Lower center of gravity on the saddle, more control of your bike.

Stability on the saddle is improved.

Better power transfer, less bulk.

More support with only 30% of the material. 

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