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51519D - VTYC - Jacket Prof Rainy - Womens

51519D - VTYC - Jacket Prof Rainy - Womens

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When looking for a product name, we didn't have to think long... 

Lightweight, breathable, close fitting. This jacket has it all. It is made of Atom, an extremely light, printable waterproof fabric with good ventilation properties. 

The ergonomic race fit and Bioracer antislip wrist cuffs and waist band prevent the Jacket from fluttering in the wind. 

Because of its thin elastic fabric structure this Bioracer product can be easily and compactly carried around. 

All in all, this is an ideal option for riders looking for a jacket that's light enough to carry in their back pocket, but protective enough to ride in the rainiest of circumstances. 

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